During a boring indoor academic conference I needed an outdoor experience, which are possible just outside Las Vegas.
The Summit Adventures guys–Charles and Jay–picked me up at my hotel and the fun began. They were friendly experts who care about the environment and a quality customer experience. Having hiked in the Alps, Andes and to the Everest base camp with world class guides over my 75 years, I think I can ID real pros. You simple cannot do better than Summit–they are an A+.

-Bob Perkins, PhD. Explorers Club member & avid hiker


My aunt and I hiked red rock with Jay and Charles this past Sunday and LOVED it. These guys are great guides and are pros at what they do. Of course the views from the top are spectacular as well. Great experience overall! We would definitely do it again, Thanks guys!!

-Chassity, Evansville, Indiana


Jay and Charles guided Tess and I during a hiking trip at Red Rocks Canyon near Las Vegas on Independence Day 2016. These two are experts at what they do. They proved themselves quite knowledgeable too, as they pointed out the various plant and animal life, and the subtle geologic features of the canyon. They took us though the area, which at times was a little tough to negotiate, and made sure to point out good footholds along the way. They also reminded us to maintain three points of contact, and made sure that we were always aware of the thinner air at higher altitudes. When Tess developed a blister from her new shoes, both Jay and Charles sprang to action with their first aid kits, taped up Tess’s blister in no-time, and we were on our way. These gentlemen will keep you entertained with their humor as well. Tess and I had a blast, and will be sure to come back for another Las Vegas Summit Adventures guided tour soon.

-Phil House, Savannah, GA


We had so much fun this morning with Charles and Jay. They are extremely knowledgeable about the area and they are also a lot of fun. They also seemed to really care about our safety and comfort from the van ride to the hike. I would highly recommend booking a hike with them if you are in Las Vegas. It was the highlight of our trip!

-Julia Ogg Scherbaty, Geneva, Illinois


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